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Strategic Planning Matrix_v2-01PEMDAS has the capability to provide high-quality weather decision tools for both immediate and long-range operations.

Our products support risk management decisions.

Case in point: While most seasonal outlooks display the “average” expected temperature and precipitation, PEMDAS Seasonal Outlooks focus on extreme events.

In November 2016, PEMDAS produced a seasonal outlook for the CONUS. We showed that above-average precipitation was expected in northern California for the following three months: December 2016, January 2017, and February 2017.

The Climate Prediction Center, the leading government institution for seasonal outlook products, showed equal chances of above or below average precipitation.

Actual precipitation was not only above average for this region, but some of the worst flooding to ever impact the region occurred during this time period.

3-Month PEMDAS Predictive Modeling

December – January – February (2017)

Actual Weather Observation Model

December – January – February (2017)

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