Predictive Intelligence

PEMDAS’ innovative environmental forecasting models can improve upon those currently used by the US government. We go beyond traditional weather observations and algorithms and include new sources of data to provide highly accurate weather forecasts.

PEMDAS Medium Range Forecasting highlights threats for the next week. Our algorithms calculate the impacts for your region of interest from a variety of threats including winds, precipitation, and other related weather hazards.

PEMDAS’ expertise layers refined weather data on top of National Weather Service and European climatic models to produce highly-tailored environmental intelligence that can be used across many disciplines including dynamic risk analysis and supply chain management.

In fact, such intelligence allows for the pre-positioning of supplies to disaster relief stations even before such disasters occur.

Case in point: PEMDAS isolated threats from a 2016 hurricane and the timing of how the wind threat would impact Florida on a county-by-county basis, days in advance. This capability allows you to better prepare for extreme weather up to a week in advance, providing your organization additional time to plan for and mitigate potential damages.

Case in point: During a holiday weekend in 2015, significant rainfall throughout Texas resulted in flooding across many communities stretching from Dallas to San Antonio and Austin. The intensity and amount of the rain (10+ inches over several hours) caught many in the public unaware.

As a result, 24 people lost their lives and widespread property damage was caused by rushing waters and multiple tornadoes. The Texas governor declared a “State of Disaster” for 70 counties. The accompanying chart shows our PEMDAS model several weeks in advance anticipating higher than normal moisture from rain.

2016 Florida Hurricane: Wind Threat Analysis
2015 Texas Flooding: Rain Threat Analysis

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