PEMDAS Technologies & Innovations

PEMDAS’ experts have spent decades leading the way in analysis, research and development of complex systems.

The PEMDAS Story

In 2008, Mary Lockhart, President and CEO of PEMDAS Technologies & Innovations, first identified the need for the Department of Defense, Intelligence community, civilian emergency response authorities and the private sector to integrate Environmental Intelligence (EI) into their most critical activities. She gathered a team of dedicated Subject Matter Experts to ensure PEMDAS client needs were met. Since then, PEMDAS has delivered on that vision, providing clients with unique services and insights to help them succeed.

Our Expertise

PEMDAS has gathered a team of nationally recognized experts and highly skilled engineers – all of whom have a proven record of exceeding objectives – to solve complex problems for our clients by using innovative approaches, strategic planning, the application of proven systems engineering methodologies and effective communication.

PEMDAS management includes senior leaders from the military, atmospheric science, systems engineering, risk assessment, lifecycle product development and high-end engineering services.

Our expertise crosses disciplines and application systems:

  • High spatial and temporal resolution rapid updating forecasting
  • Long range seasonal prediction
  • Real-time environmental alerts and warnings
  • Assimilation of disparate data sources into numerical weather predictions
  • Tailored applications for unique missions utilizing weather data
  • Business logic decision based weather products in five dimensions
  • OGC compliant web-service delivered data
  • “Big Data” analytics

Our Team

Combat, Test & Space Flight Hours

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The PEMDAS “Order of Operations”

  • P: Professional Engineering & Project Management
  • E: Environmental Situational Awareness Tools
  • M: Modeling and Simulation
  • D: Data Fusion Engineering
  • A: Atmospheric Sciences & Scientific Analysis
  • S: Systems Engineering, Sensor Technology, and Strategic Planning

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Client Experience

Department of the Air Force

PEMDAS is under contract with the Air Force to analyze and develop solutions for improved ISR operations by filling gaps in environmental intelligence and developing data fusion techniques to enable better decision making.

Department of the Army

PEMDAS is collaborating with the Army to improve the effectiveness of their unmanned platforms.

Department of the Navy

Under contract with the Navy, PEMDAS provided forecasting and environment sensors enabling protection of ScanEagles in support of an Arctic mission.


Through a cooperative research agreement with NOAA, PEMDAS is using atmospheric modernization research to improve operations and reduce costs.


PEMDAS, as a member of the Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) team, is helping NASA develop the concepts and regulations for the safe and efficient operation of unmanned platforms within America’s national airspace structure.

The UK Met Office

PEMDAS has a collaborative relationship and agreement with the United Kingdom Meteorological Office (Met Office), providing a forum for joint concept development for Open Geospatial Standards.

Executive Leadership Team


Mary Lockhart

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mary is a nationally recognized leader in both the aerospace and atmospheric science communities. She served as Senior Aerospace Meteorologist at Armstrong Flight Research Facility, Program Manager for the Air Force’s Target Acquisition Weather Software program, Acting Director of Air Force Weather, and as Air Force Legislative Liaison to the US House of Representatives.


Paul Lockhart

Director of Engineering

Paul served 26 years in the Air Force as a fighter pilot and test pilot before selection as a NASA astronaut. At NASA, Paul worked in the development of cutting edge technology avionics, and in 2002 piloted two Space Shuttle missions to the International Space Station, directing six space walks and logging 26 days in space.


John Shepley

Director of Technology

During a 26-year career in the Air Force, John served in multiple leadership positions developing global meteorological capabilities and services for the Army, Navy and Air Force. At PEMDAS, John leads the effort to leverage the right technologies and architecture to develop the weather decision tools and products demanded by the global economy and military needs of today and tomorrow.

Partners & Affiliations


Brian Patterson

Chief Engineer & Test Pilot


Nathan Berendt

Senior Systems Engineer / Enterprise Architect


Michael Gauthier Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist


Simona Seastrand

Research Scientist


Caroline Harten



Cathy Ludwig

Director, Software Solutions


Jon Kurtzweil

Software Engineer


Dan Brees

Software Engineer


Chris Kuhl

Software Engineer


Justin Worrell

Software Engineer


Joel Elixson

Software Engineer

Dallas Shearer

Software Engineer


Susan Mason

Director of Operations


Jay Lockhart

Payroll and Benefits Manager

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