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Dynamic Routing to Avoid Hazardous Weather

Our solutions close the environmental and weather gaps with real-time sensing technologies and data fusion techniques to enable better decision making. PEMDAS’ environmental intelligence (EI) tools have been proven effective from the Arctic to the Tropics.

PEMDAS is solving some of the DoD’s most critical challenges by:

  • Evaluating additional processing techniques to improve EI granularity
  • Developing decision products and transition plans for solutions
  • Demonstrating new technology concepts
  • Prototyping solutions


PEMDAS supports a broad spectrum of atmospheric and environmental sciences and research activities, including:

  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Environment (ISR&E)
  • Adverse Environmental Impacts, Situational Awareness Decision Tools
  • Intelligent Data Services such as Dynamic Travel Re-routing
  • Atmospheric Modeling & Simulation
  • Sensor Technology & Integration
  • Space Weather


The PEMDAS team has extensive experience working with Information Assurance and Security matters for DoD and the Intelligence community, as well as the federal and commercial marketplaces.

We employ commercial industry best practices and Government approved techniques to ensure the systems we provide meet the highest standards of quality assurance. Our expertise spans:

    • Project Management
    • Systems Engineering
    • Software Engineering
    • Sensor Development
    • Atmospheric Data Fusion
    • Decision Products
    • Aviation and Unmanned Vehicles
    • Military Systems & Operations