Environmental Knowledge

PEMDAS has delivered one of the world’s most reliable and accurate weather forecasting systems.

Unlike other systems, whose weather information is often hours old, PEMDAS’ unique approach fuses timely and relevant environmental information and then uses advanced algorithms to rapidly process that data to yield improved, real-time assessments of the weather in specific areas of interest, from entire countries to particular neighborhoods.

We tailor our products to deliver a consistent, integrated set of weather products in formats for specific customer applications.

Our dynamic aviation support services identify optimal routes to minimize weather related risk.  The depiction shows the location of limiting weather conditions along a planned flight path (red circles) while simultaneously identifying an alternate flight path within user-defined constraints. In this case, the optimal route must stay within 200 nm of original flight path and reach the location within +/-6 hrs of originally planned time.

Our Products Deliver

Consistent, integrated set of weather products

Formats tailored for specific customer applications.

Significantly improved short, medium, and long-range predictions

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