Environmental Intelligence Prediction System

Environmental Knowledge

PEMDAS has delivered one of the world’s most reliable and accurate environmental intelligence systems.

While other systems use weather information that is often hours old, PEMDAS’ unique approach fuses timely and relevant environmental information combined with advanced algorithms to rapidly process that data to yield improved, real-time assessments of the environment in specific areas of interest, from entire countries to particular neighborhoods.

We tailor our products to deliver a consistent, integrated set of environmental decision aids in formats for specific customer applications.


PEMDAS visualizations include satellite and radar, plus lightning strike information available within seconds of occurrence, as well as hazard forecast overlays. For example, clouds and icing potential at a future time and altitude can minimize risk for manned and unmanned flight. Visualizations use real-time georeferencing which allows users to see not just predicted hazards, but also their own location relative to the environmental threats.

Our Products Deliver

Consistent, integrated set of environmental intelligence products

Formats tailored for specific customer applications

Significantly improved and relevant environmental threat predictions

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