Mary Lockhart


PEMDAS Technologies Awarded $49M Environmental Intelligence Contract

Blue Storm Associates Inc., doing business as PEMDAS Technologies & Innovations, Alexandria, Virginia, was awarded a $49,500,000 indefinite quantity contract to facilitate the development and delivery of technologies that enhance environmental intelligence, particularly in data sparse regions of the globe. This contract vehicle enables direct award of future Task Orders, by the government, for amounts not to exceed the $49,500,000

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American Meteorological Society Symposium for UAVs

PEMDAS Senior Research Scientist and expert on Remote Sensing technologies, Dr. Brian Griffith presented the results of our ASAPS (Atmospheric Sensing and Prediction System) technology obtained during a joint PEMDAS and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) field test conducted from Barrow, Alaska. Operating a ScanEagle drone, United States Navy pilots successfully utilized PEMDAS’ ASAPS sensor to collect meteorological data

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Improving Environmental Situational Awareness for UAVs

PEMDAS supported a joint NOAA and Navy UAV operation in the Arctic in 2015 to track whales by providing real-time weather forecasting and icing alerts to the government team.  Mary Lockhart and PEMDAS Chief Technology Officer John Shepley later presented “Improving Environmental Situational Awareness for UAV Operations” at the Alaska Unmanned Air System Interest Group Annual meeting based upon the

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Mary Lockhart Elected President of WID-DC

The Capital Chapter of Women In Defense (WID-DC) is a source for networking, professional development and mentoring with leaders in defense-related industries across greater Washington, D.C. PEMDAS is proud to be a corporate sponsor of Women In Defense. Learn more about WID here.


GSA Professional Engineering Schedule (PES) Awarded to PEMDAS

Blue Storm Associates, Inc. doing business as PEMDAS Technologies & Innovations of Fairfax Station, VA, has been awarded a Professional Engineering Schedule (PES) contract by the General Services Administration (GSA). The PES contract vehicle provides federal agencies with the ability to efficiently access qualified firms, like PEMDAS, to contract work within many of the engineering disciplines. The PEMDAS contract (contract #GS-10F-088BA)

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