Atmospheric Sensing and Prediction System Recognized as Intuitive and Pilot Friendly

As the leading provider of Environmental Intelligence solutions for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance operations, PEMDAS’ Atmospheric Sensing and Prediction System (ASAPS) system has been integrated onto the next generation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) platforms such as the Griffon Aerospace SeaHunter and Aerovel Flexrotor. As noted in the 18 December issue of AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems Magazine; “While very few UAS

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Dr. Simona Seastand to present at the 98th Annual AMS Conference

Dr. Simona Seastrand will speak at the 98th Annual AMS Conference in Austin, TX (7 –11 January, 2018). Her presentation will highlight results from PEMDAS’ recent Air-Land-Sea campaign, an experimental study designed to investigate the impact of assimilating in-situ measures of pressure, temperature, and humidity from the PEMDAS designed Airborne Sensing and Prediction System (ASAPS) into a regional weather model.

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Improving Environmental Situational Awareness for UAVs

PEMDAS supported a joint NOAA and Navy UAV operation in the Arctic in 2015 to track whales by providing real-time weather forecasting and icing alerts to the government team.  Mary Lockhart and PEMDAS Chief Technology Officer John Shepley later presented “Improving Environmental Situational Awareness for UAV Operations” at the Alaska Unmanned Air System Interest Group Annual meeting based upon the

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