Dr. Mike Gauthier to Speak at the 2018 National Fire Control Symposium: ASAPS Sensor Integration for MQ-9 Reaper

mike-gauthier_PEMDASPEMDAS Technologies and Innovations is proud to announce that Dr. Mike Gauthier, our Chief Scientist will be presenting his findings on the emergence of disruptive Environmental Intelligence (EI) technologies and the pathways towards full operational adoption for the U.S military’s Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) at the 2018 National Fire Control Symposium.

Taking place February 5-9 at Ft. Shafter, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, Dr. Gauthier will be speaking at during a poster session on “Unmanned & Autonomous Systems (Sensors, Weapons & Platforms, including Counter UAS).”

Dr. Gauthier’s presentation will address how warfighters can better “Know the Environment, Sharpen the Spear, Win the Battle.” During his presentation, Dr. Gauthier will present results from PEMDAS’ recent ASAPS sensor integration onto an operational MQ-9.

Learn More About the 2018 National Fire Control Symposium Here: https://www.usasymposium.com/nfcs/posters.php

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