PEMDAS Technologies & Innovations was recently recognized by CIOApplications as a TOP 25 Drone Technology Solution Provider (2017).

Flying an aircraft while executing a mission is intense. The pilot must fly their aircraft, navigate their route and monitor the position and status of aircraft around them, all while avoiding threatening adverse weather. This requires heightened situational awareness (SA) along with the pilot’s undivided attention …all senses and attention go into overdrive. Now take the pilot out of the mix and execute the mission from a remote operating site, as with drones or unmanned aerial vehicles, and SA can drop dramatically; especially when severe weather and other environmental effects, such as icing, turbulence, and lightning, are present. Without the “eyes in the cockpit,” vital environmental information/intelligence (EI) and reference cues are lost. Replacing those “pilot’s eyes” and serving as EI collectors, interpreters, and situational awareness advisors to these drone operators is Alexandria (Virginia) based PEMDAS® Technologies & Innovations, a technology leader leveraging EI to enhance mission success for the DoD’s drone and unmanned vehicle operations.

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